Almost Human S01E04 The bends

Almost Human Season 1 Episode 4Here’s the promo trailer of “The bends”, the next episode of the awesome science-fiction TV series Almost Human:

Almost Human 1.43 – The bends

Almost Human S1x04 The bends
Episode Summary:
“An old cop friend of Detective Kennex’s (Karl Urban) goes undercover, posing as a ‘cook’ of a highly addictive street drug called ‘The Bends’. But his cover is blown. As the scope of the intense drug investigation unfolds, a determined Kennex and Dorian (Michael Ealy) call on Rudy Lom (Mackenzie Crook) for assistance.”

Almost Human is well-crafted TV series. Love it, am a fan!

This new episode of Almost Human is airing Monday, December 2nd on FOX.

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