Almost Human S01E10 Perception

Almost Human Season 1 Episode 10Here’s the official trailer of “Perception”, the next episode of the science-fiction TV series Almost Human:

Almost Human 1.10 – Perception

Almost Human S1x10 Perception
Episode Summary:
When Det. Kennex and Dorian investigate the simultaneous and sudden deaths of two genetically-enhanced children, a fatal dose of the perfect designer drug appears to be the cause. As the investigation unfolds and a recent drowning victim is mysteriously connected, the case takes an unexpected turn. Meanwhile, Kennex endures painful flashes from the past and pays a visit to the recollectionist (the human memory expert).

The show is great, and this episode promises to be awesome. But I wish they would reveal secrets a bit faster. Come on, what’s behind that damn big wall from the last episode? Could we focus on that mystery?

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