Along Came the Devil Movie Trailer

Along Came The Devil MovieThe movie Tell Me Your Name has been re-titled Along Came the Devil, check out the movie trailer if you haven’t seen it yet:

Plot synopsis:
“After a troubled childhood, Ashley (Sydney Sweeney) searches for a connection, and unknowingly invites in a demonic force, which leaves her loved ones fighting for her soul.”

Don’t invite the dead to take over your soul for God’s sake! Well, unless the spirit is singing “Hello, I love you, won’t you tell me your name”, and it might well be James Morrison, then please do let him possess your body!

The film is written and directed by Jason DeVan and the cast includes Jessica Barth, Matt Dallas, Madison Lintz, Kyla Deaver, Sydney Sweeney, and Bruce Davison.

The release date of the movie Along Came the Devil is set to August 10, 2018.

Stay tuned for updates.

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