Alvin and the Chipmunks 4 Movie

Alvin and the Chipmunks manage to escape from that lost island in the third installment of their popular movie franchise. And they’re now planning a comeback on the scene. Yep, we may expect new film featuring the singing squirrels!

Fox has indeed set an official release date for Alvin and the Chipmunks 4: the film is scheduled for a theatrical release on December 11, 2015. The third film grossed more than $340 million worldwide for a $80 million budget, no wonder then that they greenlit a new installment.

Let’s hope that the chipettes will be back in the fourth film. unfortunately there’s no official plot synopsis yet.

Do you have any suggestion regarding the plot of Alvin and the Chipmunks 4? What songs do you want to be covered this time around? Share your thoughts below with like-minded fans!

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  1. Annie Allison

    Wow, I never imagined a movie having a good 4th addition. Shrek 4 was not very good, so even though the last 3 chipmunks made a lot of cash, they better be careful to make it good and to not get cocky. As for the writers comment on the chippettes, how could they not put them in there. They already played a huge role in the 2nd and 3rd one, and taking them out would create a lot of angry fans. I am looking foreword to this movie though, because its kind of hard to imagine a good story when they basically already have done every thing. I really can’t wait to see what they do, because if they pull this off, they’ll be some pretty awesome writers.

  2. HF.

    I actually have a plot line in mind. Actually a few ideas. But i’ll share this idea.
    Its about a plane crash. And how a mexican boy saved them. And how they WALKED to Mexico City. But please keep in mind that this is MY idea for a plot line.
    Looking forward to the fourth movie.

  3. Nitro

    I can’t wait to see what they do with the 4th movie I hope you keep the chipettes they’ve been in the movie since the 2nd and 3rd movie so you have to keep them songs I think should be in the moive is Wildest Dreams by Brandy The Way by Mac Miller and Ariana Granda but that’s about it well can’t wait too see the 4th moive I’m a really big fan

  4. Melissa Mather

    Plz make a alvin and the chipmunks 4 and I hope the disasters chipmunks are not in it cuz its possible that the normal chipmunks can die and I don’t want my favorite things in the world to die and besides simon’s 10 and alvin is 12 and theodore is 9 years old their still babies and I’m guessing that the 4th movie might be about the chipmunks having babies or somthing they could have so daughters or sons which would be totally cute

    • Apple Wilson

      @Melissa: uh what??? No offence, but i dont think the chipmunks are going to have babies in the next movies, they are still kids

  5. Abbi Telford

    I think maybe they should have one where they see their parents or have a big music battle to save something like maybe their home town is going to get ripped down and they try to save it with their music!!!

  6. Thomas Selbe

    I would love to see a movie where the Chipmunks and the Chipettes race in NASCAR!

  7. Gabriel Talahytewa

    You should do one where Ian is there official uncle and Alvin and Brittany share there first secret kiss.Thats just my request the plot should be that the munks get lost in new york and christmas is coming early and they have to make a christmas song for the biggest audience ever live also Dave tries to find the munks and the munks run into an old friend of daves

  8. Gabriel Talahytewa

    Also the music for it should be these
    1.All I want for christmas
    2.Feel so close
    And then the rest could be custom

  9. HF

    I think they should be in a movie where they have to their own way back home, after being chipnapped and escaping their kidnappers.

  10. lukehill

    I hope the plot goes well. As for adding the chipettes they should include Mrs. Miller and have her take them in…Ian should still be manager and they should include a new threat to the chipmunk trio…idk or really care who as long as they make it good. :)

  11. Over9000Skittles

    They don’t need another Chipmunk movie. The third one was bad enough, so why make a fourth one?

  12. Christina

    My 6 year old daughter thinks that it should be about Christmas since they love Christmas so much and finding their”hippy” parents…..during holidays, she has good point, could do lots with them getting in trouble, snow, presents, trees….and she said the chippette a must b in it at least some. She also wants to be in movie, lol.

  13. Devon

    They go to Hollywood Dave gets a girlfriend who try to ruin the chipmunks anx chipettes career, they tell him, but he doesn’t liaten. Dave girlfriend thought of a plan to make David mad and sends them back to the wild so her girl group can be hot and on the charts. That’s all I have so far I hope you use it.

    • trafford Bage

      @Dwvon: Not to burst your bubble but the fourth one has probably been in production for 2 – 3 years already

  14. jasmem

    They should sing Beyonce one plus one and Chris Brown find China and Chris Brown don’t think they know


    Alvin and The Chipmunks 4 – “Scaling Down The Fun!”
    The group finds themselves prisoners in their own home. Paparazzi hound then at school, The beach, and in the park. Through the madness comes a distant Uncle of Dave. One Adam Roscoe Seville. One man of many means. He invites the new members of his family, (The Chipmunks), to be his special guest at one of his many facilities.
    Where fantastic and wonderful things happen under the watchful eyes of Clyde Crashcup and Leonardo.
    One of which is… That Alvin and Brittany finally break the ice between them, and finally kiss.

    Elsewhere.. The head of a genetics research group has hired an assassin to do away with any singing rodent groups; which have recently emerged . That includes The Chipmunks.

    See what happens when the fiends cross paths with a semi-retired Government Agent, Who happens to be Dave’s Uncle. There shall be heads to crack…

    I wrote this Story for fanfiction 1 year ago.. It is still being read today…

  16. Umar

    I suggest that in Alvin and the chipmunks 4 they should add some comedy type action against other talking chipmunks


      My story involves various Alvin and The chipmunks Knock offs.
      Actual groups like: Shirley, Squirrely, and Melvin. The Happy Chipmunks. The Four Chippers.
      All at one time; tried to get some of The Chipmunks fame, but failed in the end.
      The Pesterminator does away with each of them in a comical manner.
      He even does in a Moose and Squirrel from Frostbite Falls, Minnesota.
      The classic characters Clyde Crashcup and Leonardo have their scientific stumblings about the story.
      There are also some tributes to classic 60’s tv shows.
      The Door’s song : Whiskey bar; is cleaned up for kids as : Candy Bar..
      Humor, romance, suspense, and comedy are found in my story: Scaling Down the Fun!.
      I also wrote a flashback sequence to explain why Theodore isn’t afraid of The Jungle Monster. This prequel to the story is called Theodore vs THE JUNGLE MONSTER!


    If my story doesn’t seem to excite you. Look at my video on Youtube.
    It’s a chipmunk teen parody:

    Alvin and The Chipmunks 4. Alvin’s Greatest moment! P.G.13.

    See what happens when Alvin displays his feelings for Brittany..
    Steamy, and explosive scenes follow…
    I made it as an April Fools gag.. If Hollywood makes it into a movie.. Mankind is doomed…

  18. sherryshannom

    that is so stupid Alvin and the chipmunks 1,2,3 are all for little kids. The fourth should be for little kids it should be a different story and rated PG NOT PG-13 that’s what I think!


      Look in the mirror before you call something stupid. In the original records song list is a song called: Chipmunk Fun. In which is said, “We like to watch movies with Sexy women!!!”
      The Chipmunks were not just made for kids, but also for their parents as well. They understand the headaches that Dave gets from his charges. Because they have them too.
      The first two movies were also PG 13 as well. Each movie has the chipmunks progressively growing up. They don’t mess up the house like in the first film. They have girlfriends. Now Simon is dating Jeanette. Alvin has more of Dave’s trust to be responsible. Theodore is facing his fears.
      If that isn’t growing up, then what is? The Youtube video was just a non-cannon spoof. Not to be taken seriously..

  19. kayle rowles

    i think one of the songs you should sing is “Art Of Love.”

  20. Katie Crutcher

    The boys have a younger sister and she’s only 6 years old everyone adored her but Alvin he gets jealous over his sister. Alvin gets a super power that make his head hurts like sense telling him that something gotta go wrong. The boys’s sister got kidnaped by a male chipmunk name Jack and now it’s up to Alvin to save his baby sister

  21. Katie Crutcher

    List of songs for cover:
    .Thriller (by Michael Jackson)
    .Because I’m Happy
    .Say Something
    .DJ got us fallin in love (Usher)
    . Earth Song & Scream (Michael Jackson)

  22. F.O.C.U.S.

    I think they should make the 4th I love 1 2 and 3 List of songs: Awake&Alive-Skillet, Never To Late- Three days grace Better In Time-Leona Lewis and Glamorous-Fergie ( minus the swearing)

  23. Chipmunk

    Make the chipmunks go to space!

  24. Justin Cruz

    I Hope Simon and Jeanette are dating in this fourth movie, that would be a amazing. Theodore and Elenore are the bestest friends there really really close. I hope that Alvin and Brittany have a secret crush with each other and they end up together in the middle end of the Movie. That’s what I expect in Alvin and the Chipmunks 4. I really want this movie to be about the Chipmunks and the chipettes on there worldwide tour.

  25. HF

    Well, they might as well include Claire this time. I miss her. :'(

  26. zac

    i hope this will include melody alvin and britany’s daurhter and brittany and alvin kissing at night in the backyard hope all this suspence for me and i can’t wait anymore just make the movie now and realese it on dvd this chrismas:)

  27. Hi

    Ok I think it should be that they are going to summer camp and while they’re there they could do a lot of crazy things, and there is a talent show at the end or something but the twist is that there is another boy group of chipmunks that HATE the Chipmunks. The leader of the other group wants Brittany to join their band and sing with him. Alvin gets jealous and him and the other chipmunks and chipotles try to sway her back on their side with song battles and such! Thank you to anyone who read this!

  28. JohnnyH2000

    Im expecting a plot along the lines of Alvittany.

  29. cat

    Make a movie where alvin dates Brittny.

  30. Imani Hart

    I would like to see if Alvin Simon and Theodore meet their parents. They should call it The Chipmunk Reunion. But I’m fine with whatever plot that the producers come up with.

  31. Sparrow9642

    The movie could be something like the “Chipmunk Adventure,” and I really hope the Chipettes are in it, or I’m going to be very angry and sad:(