Amazing Spider-Man 2 – Jamies Foxx to play the villain Electro?

According to the online rumor Actor Jamie Foxx is in talks to play the role of Electro in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Amazing Spider-Man 2 Movie Trailer

Electro is a super-villain who gained the ability to control electricity after being struck by lightning while working on a power line.

Do you a think Electro’s green and yellow spandex costume would suit Jamie Foxx? And should Electro be the main villain in the sequel to the Amazing Spider-Man? Share your thoughts below!

3 Responses - “Amazing Spider-Man 2 – Jamies Foxx to play the villain Electro?”

  1. Mike

    I believe electro should be one of the minor villains, he was never a huge one b4, why should he be one now? And i also think another side villain such as rhino should be introduced. Unlike anyother spiderman movie, this one should focus on the kingpin, wilson fisk, a little more. It would create oppertunities to involve hydroman in the story along with a few other villains.

  2. Bob

    I think that venom should be partners with electro, and spidey gets some help from the future spider-man who is peters grandson and they do a duo fight

  3. Mr. Master

    Ah Electro. I remember him, didn’t get much fame, but was one of Spidey’s enemies. Honestly, I don’t want a bunch of villains pairing up to fight Spider Man again like the previous movie series. Having Sand-Man, Venom, and the Green Goblin’s son was a little to much. However, Electro wouldn’t be a bad idea for the villain in the film.
    But think on this…What if they paired Mysterio and Electro together. That would be interesting wouldn’t it? Having Spider Man face a master of illusions and an electricity controller…that would be a good movie.

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