Amazing Spider-Man After Credits

Amazing Spider-Man Movie starring Andrew GarfieldDid you miss the after credits scene of The Amazing Spider-Man? Well, you may watch it thanks youtube, the after-credits scene has indeed leaked online:

Man in the shadow: “Hello, Doctor, did you tell the boy?”
Dr Curt Connors: “Tell him what?”
Man in the shadow: “Did you tell the boy the truth about his father?”
Dr Curt Connors: “No.”
Man in the shadow: “Well, that’s very good, so we’ll let him be for now.”
Dr Curt Connors: “You should leave him alone!”

So who’s the man in the shadow? The actor has been identified as Michael Massee, he usually plays evil guys in TV series. But what about the character he’s playing? Could have been Norman Osborn, but Actor Rhys Ifans said it wasn’t him. Oscorp employee David Patrick Lowell then? Or the Chameleon? Anyway I guess we’ll learn more in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

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  1. Deez13

    I believe that it is either Spencer or Alistair Smythe. They are responsible for literally all of Spider-man enemies and actively created them all as a distraction for larger crimes.

    Since there will be many more sequels, I am hoping to see the story arc toward the huge crime syndicate(s) running the NYC’s underworld… and seeing Parker/Spider-man deal with them.