American Folk movie

A first official look at American Folk, the upcoming drama musical written and directed by
David Heinz and starring Joe Purdy, Amber Rubarth, Krisha Fairchild, Bruce Beatty, and Elizabeth Dennehy:

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Plot synopsis:
“When a plane from Los Angeles to New York is grounded on the morning of September 11, Elliott (Joe Purdy) and Joni (Amber Rubarth) are unexpectedly thrust together amidst the chaos of that historic day. With little in common but both needing urgently to get back to NYC, the strangers accept help from a friend who lends the duo a rusty old 1972 Chevy Van. The shock and stress of 9/11 quickly threatens to derail their cross country journey. Thankfully, the mismatched pair discover that they do have something in common: a love for old folk songs. Armed with a pile of guitars left in the van, Elliott and Joni raise their voices, re-discovering the healing nature of music and bearing witness to a nation of people who, even while mourning, manage to lift each other up in the wake of tragedy.”

Music is magic…

The film has yet to get an official release date.

Stay tuned with us for more details about the movie American Folk.

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