An Education Clip

An Education MoviePreview clips of An Education, the upcoming romantic drama movie starring Carey Mulligan and Peter Sarsgaard, are available:

An Education – Think for themselves
Jenny (Carey Mulligen) talks with her family at the dinner table.

“The story of 17-year-old girl living in the quiet London suburbs. As the swinging ’60s culture emerges, her world turns upside down after she meets a 35-year-old sportscar-driving Brit. He courts her with chic dinners, clubs and foreign trips, charming her father but putting her future at Oxford University in jeopardy.”

More clips of An Education below:

An Education – Worried About Your Cello
David (Peter Sarsgaard) introduces himself to Jenny (Carey Mulligen).

An Education – You Are a Lucky Man
David (Peter Sarsgaard) meets Jenny’s parents.

Get David to Take You Shopping
Helen (Rosamund Pike) and Jenny (Carey Mulligen) talk about clothes.

An Education -That Would Be Lovely
David (Peter Sarsgaard) invites Jenny (Carey Mulligan) to an art auction.

An Education – Action is Character
Jenny (Carey Mulligan) and David (Peter Sarsgaard) kiss goodnight.

An Education – You Have Taste
Jenny (Carey Mulligan) and Danny (Dominic Cooper) dance.

An Education – The Point of It All
The Headmistress (Emma Thompson) tries to dissuade Jenny (Carey Mulligan) from dropping out.

Why love stories are always so complicated in Old Europe? Well at least it makes for good stories!

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