Angels and Demons Clip

Angels and Demons directed by Ron Howard and starring Tom HanksIn the movie Angels and Demons, upcoming prequel to the Da Vinci Code, Professor Langdon (Tom Hanks) has to face a mysterious order called the Illuminati who is threathening to destroy the Vatican. Take a look to those preview clips of Angels and Demons:


You may watch more clips of Angels and Demons:

Angels and Demons Preview Clips

The path to Illumination…

That is an ambigram.

A new leader for the world’s one billion Catholics

Professor Langdon!

Our church is under attack!


They were concerned about the church’s inaccurate teachings.



Science and religion are still odds nowadays, it shouldn’t, but some religious fundamentalists are so dumb that they can’t open their eyes. The creationists are a stark example of such stupidity…

May God save science from the fundamentalists!

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  1. Daphine

    Am I the only one not getting any volume on these trailers???