Angels & Demons Quad Poster

A new reddish quad poster of Angels and Demons has shown up:

Angels and Demons Trailer

(Click on the poster to enlarge it.)

From the author of The DaVinci Code

Let angels guide you!

I suppose the makers of Angels and Demons aren’t catholic, I suppose the Catholic Church would have excommunicated them for heresy otherwise…

4 Responses - “Angels & Demons Quad Poster”

  1. Iszaham

    I guess, Malaysia’s cinema must show this movie in a few cinema. Got to be controversial here.

  2. Patrick Egeland

    NCM did it again with an Angels and Demons hypertrailer.

  3. sailasa sauqaqa

    the movie it is a wake up call for the catholic church.

    i suppose if the catholic church excommunicated the makers of the movies, i think the church is hiding something

  4. yumyum

    Catholic Church does not excommunicate ppl on the account of having imagination, we’re not in Middle Ages anymore ppl ;P

    to get excommunicated one would have to release an official claim that what they have presented is the one and only truth, while the teachings of the church are false. they’d have to keep spreading their idea, gather followers and generally present a threat to the consistency of the religion itself. making an action movie hardly is one.