Anguish Movie Trailer

Anguish movieCheck out the official trailer of Anguish, the latest drama horror movie written and directed by Sonny Mallhi

Plot synopsis:
“Sixteen-year old Tess has suffered an arduous past. She’s been diagnosed with an assortment of mental ailments first discovered when her mother, Jessica, found Tess banging her head against the wall when she was just five. Now, the latest medication Tess has been taking seems to be working and Jessica chooses to move them to a new town for a fresh start.
But just as Tess begins to find comfort and hope in her new surroundings, hallucinations begin involving a dead girl, Lucy who was recently killed in a car accident and whose picture Tess finds at a memorial by the side of the road. The hallucinations intensify as Lucy seems to be taking over Tess’s mind and soul. Doctors can’t help her, and neither can the local priest, so it’s left to her single mother to fight for her daughters’ soul.”

And two posters of the film:

(Click on a poster to enlarge.)


Her nightmares come when she’s awake.

Inspired by true events.


Possession is her obsession.

From the producer of The Strangers.

The girl is just crazy, or is there really some evil force at work here? What do you think?

Release date: December 18, 2015.

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