Anon Trailer

Anon 2018We’ve got our hands on the US trailer of Anon, the upcoming science-fiction thriller movie directed by Clive Owen, Amanda Seyfried, Colm Feore, Sonya Walger, Mark O’Brien, Rachel Roberts, Joe Pingue, and Iddo Goldberg:

Plot synopsis:
“Sal Frieland (Clive Owen) is a detective in a world with no privacy or anonymity; where everyone’s lives are transparent, traceable, and recorded by the authorities; where crime almost ceases to exist. But in trying to solve a series of murders, Frieland stumbles on a young woman known only as the Girl (Amanda Seyfried). She has no identity, no history and is invisible to the cops. Sal realizes this may not be the end of crime, but the beginning.”

There are also two new film posters:

(Click on a poster to enlarge.)

Anon US PosterAnon Poster

Anonymity is the enemy.

If the world they’re living in is that high-tech and connected, they should just broadcast her face to the whole world, I am pretty they would then catch her in no time.

Anyway, interesting movie ahead.

The film is written and directed by Andrew Niccol.

In theaters: May 4, 2018 (on Netflix).

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