Apollo 18 Movie

Take a look to the first official movie poster of Apollo 18, an upcoming sci-fi horror movie directed by Gonzalo Lopez for Producer Timur Bekmambetov and the Weinstein Company:

Apolo 18 Trailer


(Click on the poster to enlarge.)

Apollo 18 MovieAPOLLO 18

There’s a reason if we’ve never gone back to the moon.

“A quintessential Cold War story, Apollo 18 casts light on the covert and undocumented lunar mission that officially ‘never happened’. Bekmambetov, hired by Russia to shoot a documentary about the Russian space station, recently came across footage in its space archives that bolsters the idea that an Apollo 18 mission did, in fact, take place, and reveals startling evidence of extraterrestrial life forms. This actual footage will be part of Apollo 18, a paranormal thriller that will interpolate fact and fiction.”

So we can expect some kind of Blair Witch/Paranormal Activity movie on the moon: how sweet! Let’s hope that they will release the movie trailer of Apollo 18 soon!

One Response - “Apollo 18 Movie”

  1. PBRStreetGang

    Wow!, I’ve been waiting for this since the late 1970’s.

    I’m quoting someone of influence here,
    “Wait til everyone finds out what’s happening to us”.

    This movie will be referenced as . . . . . . .

    Just ask, If Iridium 3 is on the Moon, why didn’t we go back and get it.