Aquaman Movie

Aquaman Live Action MovieA few days ago, Warner chairman and CEO Barry Meyer revealed that there’s is a slate of movies based on DC Comics superheros in development. Among them, Aquaman! Yep, the fish man is likely to get his own movie. Actually we already knew about this live action Aquaman movie: it was announced back in 2009 that Leonardo DiCaprio’s production company would produce Aquaman for Warner Bros. But nothing happened since then so we can but welcome Meyer’s update.

Aquaman Trailer

The movie Aquaman is listed for 2013 release on IMDb… But there’s nothing official yet. We don’t even know yet what version of Aquaman the film will be based on.

Anyway, who do you think could play as Aquaman?

3 Responses - “Aquaman Movie”

  1. Dan

    It’s been confirmed that it’s Leonardo DiCaprio

  2. Tammy

    I think Justin Hartley would be good to play Aquaman. He was going to play the part on the tv show but the decided not to do it. Which is too bad. It looked like it was going to be really good.

  3. Jonie

    I watched the trailer with Justin Hartley…Beautiful Man. It’s hard to not see him as Green Arrow, but I think he great in the role as Aquaman. I wish he would do it.