Area 51 Movie

Director Oren Peli, who brought us Paranormal Activity, is working on Area 51, an upcoming sci-fi horror movie that should take the best things that made Paranormal Activity a success and transpose them into the mysterious military base…

“A group of teenagers stumble upon an area in the Nevada desert known for hosting an alien encounter.”

Two UFO nerds would manage to get inside Area 51 thanks to an insider and they would then get spooked (to death?) by a close encounter of the fourth kind (yep a real alien would somehow torment them)!

Like in Paranormal Activity, Area 51 is starring relatively unknown actors: Reid Warner, Darrin Bragg and Ben Rovner. And the whole thing would be filmed like a documentary. So another low budget movie that could potentially be a new blockbuster. We’ll keep the movie Area 51 on our watch list! The film should be released in 2010.

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  1. noah

    where is the movie tralier

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