Avatar Movie Trailer

James Cameron's Avatar Movie TrailerThe movie trailer of Avatar has been released online in glorious HD, enjoy below:


I’m quite impressed by this Avatar movie trailer of Avatar. I wish I had my own avatar to be able to wander on the surface of the planet Pandora like Jack Sully (Sam Worthington).

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James Cameron's Avatar

I feel like a little boy in front of James Cameron’s Avatar movie: I’m ready to be amazed by the incredible world seen in Avatar the movie!

14 Responses - “Avatar Movie Trailer”

  1. J Smith


  2. Jon3D

    I’ve now watch the trailer of Avatar 5 times now, it keeps getting better and better. The CG is jawdropping realistic!

  3. rick

    Really quite disappointed by the Avatar Trailer… Avatar’s CGI, at first glance, isn’t a game-changer. BUT James Cameron’s directing could save the film even if he’s no Spielberg…

  4. A. Ron

    Avatar trailer is sick!

  5. Eva

    Avatar could be a good movie but the aliens look like plastic toys…

  6. Gary Jr.

    that avatar movie looks pretty good!

  7. Sarah

    Avatar trailer = James Cameron has lost his mind: those smurfs are not sexy at all.

  8. Penni Aspezi

    Its missing voice over. With out that, all I can do is stare at the CGI and critique. Hopefully Avatar DOES have a “story” worthy of telling, with support from the CGI. The CGI is nice but someone made a poor judgment call releasing this with out a story walk through and again hopefully that fact doesn’t indicate that the story is lame. It is almost as bad as letting Asimov’s I-Robot be “dumbed down” to an action movie.

  9. RaverMan

    James Cameron’s Avatar has a fantastic soundtrack with Techno, Ambient and classical – all super electronica!

  10. AvatarFan

    Avatar. Dec 18th. Pretty sure I’m gonna go see it.

  11. JackThor

    The idea behind this movie is that of total immersion in a CGI heavy 3D World. When it comes out it’s recommended to watch at a theatre that has the 3D projectors or to be seen at an IMAX theatre in 3D.

  12. Iszaham

    James Cameron may be egotistical, but this guy makes fantastic movies and proved the studio and the critics wrong with Titanic. The trailer was brilliant. CGI and real life, unbelieved great!

  13. tobyrax

    was expecting something a bit similar to the animation, i hope the movie has a whole lot more than this to offer…

  14. bølle

    the movie is the best thing and all of the ohter movies is nothing.
    AVATAR is the best of the best.