Avatar Music

Avatar Music from the movieLet’s listen to the Avatar song by Leona Lewis:

Avatar Song

Avatar Song by Leona Lewis – I see you
Plot synopsis:
“A paraplegic marine dispatched to the moon Pandora on a unique mission becomes torn between following his orders and protecting the world he feels is his home.”

The movie Avatar is now in theaters. And it’s damn worth watching! Don’t miss this epic science-fiction movie directed by James Cameron!

Release date: December 18, 2009.

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  1. Amiee'

    A MUST SEE…in the theater…in IMAX 3D !!!!!
    If you are a Sci-Fi Fan you will LOVE LOVE this movie!!!!
    7 of us went and we were in awe! James Cameron is a genius!!!
    In less than 10 minutes into the movie I was literally ready to see it again…we would have had my husband not needed to eat dinner … he’s a Diabetic. The special effects will blow your mind!! James Cameron thought of everything down to the tiny flying bugs!
    Oh if only I could join the Naavi on Pandora!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Vio

    it’s awesome! i watched it three times in the cinema! and i still can’t get enough!

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