Avatar Unobtainium

Here’s a first look at the are the unobtainium, the mineral mankind is looking for on the planet Pandora in the movie Avatar directed by James Cameron:

Avatar Trailer

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Unobtainium- Avatar Movie

Unobtainium allows superconductivity any loss at room temperature. Superconductivity means that electricity can flow through this material without resistance, no resistance means not loss, so the system becomes ultra efficient: that’s what our grid needs!

Scientists can recreate superconductivity at very low temperatures, but that’s not worth it so far because too much it requires energy is put to reach those low temperatures. At least for now, Superconductivity at room temperature is like a Holy Grail. So you bet that if we were to find a material allowing superconductivity at room temperature we would rush to mine it, even if we would have to get rid of a few aggressive stingy local aliens.

2 Responses - “Avatar Unobtainium”

  1. J Smith

    This is the second film to feature the unobtainium alloy (the first film is “The Core”).

  2. Mike

    Was he even f***ing trying? Unobtainium? Seriously?

    For those not in the know, Unobtainium is a catchall term for fictional materials, frequently used in in engineering circles for a material that would be very useful but can’t be used, either because it’s costly or nonexistent. For Cameron to call his fictional material unobtainium just strikes me as incredibly lazy; as if he was unwilling to think of a new name for the material.