Avengers After Credits

A bootleg of the Avengers After Credits Scene has leaked online!The after-credits scene of the Avengers has somehow already leaked online. A fellow movie fan pointed us to this video (thanks to Dailymotion):

Avengers Trailer

The Avengers – The after credits scene

You may have recognized Thanos, a villain fascinated with nihilism and death and who bionics and mysticism to become to increase his power:

Will Thanos be the main villain in the Avengers 2 then? Well, can’t wait to learn more about the plot of the sequel!

5 Responses - “Avengers After Credits”

  1. xino

    the first time I saw him I thought he was a monkey O_o and then I remember, oh it’s him

  2. Torren

    **Spoilers ahead** Just watched the avengers thought it was fantastic A+. Didnt like the Hulk, there was something wierd about Ruffallo that I just couldnt compare to the comic books, and the hulk looked a bit less muscular than in the past which was a downer and how Banner could just have 100% full control of the hulk and turn in to him on point was kind of upsetting I picture the hulk as ann uncontrolable beast that tears anything in his path. But they made it work to where it wasnt too bad. I think they need to step up the “global threat” next time, its not like we havent seen it in tons of other movies like TF Dark of the moon, Gi Joe Rise of cobra/Retaliation, and others where the movie trailers spark up the whole world under attack and being taken over theme and it looks cooler than the other side of the pillow or whathave you. The avengers 2 needs to be BIGGER. But its tough with all these expensive stars that make up the cast, and I can already foreshadow other stars being replaced…with the sequel most likely set for a 2017 or so release you can only hope that everyone stays signed if not more people. We alrready know ironman3, thor 2, and captain am2 are set for release. Iwould like to see a cameo in one of those films of Hank Pym and Wasp just like the black widow and hawkeye had cameos in ironman 2 and thor. Than marvel should come out with a Black Panther movie starring Michael jai White, he would be PERFECT for the role him or wesley snipes but White would be better. Then the cast would be Captain America, Ironman, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Giantman, Wasp, and Black Panther. And hopefully the sequel will have the biggest most epic plot ever and will run longer than a little over 2 hours, the most dissapointing part of the Avengers(2012) is the run time @ 2 hours and 20 minutes you leave the movie craving more and more and looking at a master piece like avatar running over 3 hours or even TF3 at about 2 hours 45 minutes if your going to make a huge movie like the avengers with a huuuge bank emptier of a cast then you SHOULD MAKE IT LONGGG. But the avengers was just too epic to give any lower than an A with battles between thor and ironman, thorVS hulk, each superhero had its limelight which made the movie click on all cylanders. You got to see every superhero kick ass even nick fury for a tiny bit. The other bad thing was they tried to amke a big deal out of that Maria Hill agent girl who works for shield and you really only see her like 3 times they under played her and nicks role so hopefully they get increased or not so overly advertised next time. BUT go see the avengers this friday when it gets released its the best movie of the year.

    • xino

      you are crazy man!
      you didn’t like Hulk? Hulk was the best character in the movie!
      I love Dr Banner’s acting, the best!
      He acted so calm because he’s always angry, so he talks smooth, calm and soft.
      HULK 2003 got Banner and Hulk acting right.
      Incredible Hulk did not get Banner or Hulk acting right, Hulk in that movie was just angry with no sense of brains.
      But in this movie, Hulk was crazy man, and yes he does Smash like he’s supposed to and he was portrayed very scary.
      Yes I didn’t like the way he controlled the Hulk, must be because of the bad ending of Incredible Hulk movie.

  3. Trustee Smirnoff

    I agree, The Hulk had some of the best scenes in the movie, especially his punch/side swipe of Thor and making Loki look like a rag doll after his speech about humans being beneath him. My big disappointment with the movie was the exclusion of both The Vision and AntMan….key characters and do keep in mind that Hank Pymm is a scientist as well. Loki’s smirks and Iron Man’s uniform off/on visuals made the movie quite memorable….Solid A- on this front. Robery Downey is the ultimate wiseass and makes Stark’s character come to life as in the comics. Looking forward to the sequel. Mark Ruffalo mentioned on the Jimmy Fallon show that he has signed on to play Hulk in 8 more Marvel films over the next three years, so expect the sequels much sooner. This will be a cash cow for Disney and keep Marvel fans excited in coming months.

    • doctorfluxx

      The Vision isn’t till way later man… after Pym creates Ultron and Ultron goes bad and eventually creates Vision. Need an Ultron story arc first. Also, Mark Ruffalo was outstanding as Bruce Banner, he is as perfect to Banner as Downey Jr. is to Iron man.