Avengers International Poster

I just spotted this new international poster of The Avengers:

Avengers Trailer

(Click on the poster to enlarge.)

Why is Captain America front and center?

6 Responses - “Avengers International Poster”

  1. quinzel

    Because he’s all like… “AMERICA, F**K YEAH!!!” and we all know what those American’s can be like ;)

    Or the fact that Captain America was the last one out.

  2. BloodRain

    look between nick fury and hawkeye…who is that?

    been trying to figure it out,no idea though

  3. steampunksniper

    @bloodrain: that is maria hill

  4. Steve

    Why does poster still say 26 April for the premier date? Shouldn’t it be 4 may?

  5. Chadwick

    The girl between fury and hawkeye is Maria Hill, she is a SHIELD agent, who in the comics takes over in Fury’s absence. Pretty sure she will just be another agent in the movie though.

  6. Teaser Trailer

    @Steve: International poster, not the US release date.