Backstabbing for Beginners Trailer

BACKSTABBING FOR BEGINNERSThere’s a new trailer for Backstabbing for Beginners, the upcoming thriller movie directed by Per Fly:

Plot synopsis:
“When young and idealistic Michael (Theo James) lands his dream job at the United Nations, he quickly finds himself at the center of the Oil for Food programme. He learns the ropes from Pasha (Ben Kingsley), a seasoned diplomat with a considerable ego. After a UN official is killed in Iraq, Pasha needs a fresh face to present a report on the success of Oil for Food to the UN Security Council. Michael is the perfect candidate. When Michael discovers that the programme is deeply corrupt, he also realizes that he has been instrumental in supporting the bribes paid to Saddam Hussein. The only way out is to expose it all, risking his own life, his mentor’s career and the life of the woman he loves.”

Do you root for the old man or for the young wannabe?

The film is starring Ben Kingsley, Theo James, and Jacqueline Bisset.

The US release date of the movie Backstabbing for Beginners is set to:
– on DIRECTV on March 22, 2018;
– in theaters and On Demand on April 27, 2018.

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