Batman 3 Script

Batman 3 MovieScriptwriter David Goyer has left the TV series Flash Forward (what a useless show!) to work again with Jonathan Nolan (Christopher Nolan’s brother) on the the script of Batman 3. It hasn’t been officially confirmed yet, but Director Christopher Nolan will most likely direct Batman 3 and should start to work on this third Batman movie once Inception is released in Summer 2010. So David Goyer and Jonathan Nolan don’t have to rush to write the script.

Batman 3 Trailer

Let’s hope that they’re going to bring us a great Batman 3 script!

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  1. Billy

    You can’t replace Heath Ledger……but you can still do the Joker. How you say? Well you get none other than Mark Hamill (Yes, Luke Skywalker) who has been doing the voice and laugh of Joker on all of the cartoons and games. He’d be my choice. But I’d like to see the Movies delve into the Knightfall series.