Battle for Terra Movie

A new movie poster has been released for the upcoming sci-fi animated movie Battle for Terra. The new poster features an alien spaceship firing on the locals. Well hope you’re not cursing the alien spaceship because one of your grandchildren could be piloting it!

Battle for Terra Movie Poster 2BATTLE FOR TERRA

Their World is mankind’s only hope for survival.

Indeed in Battle for Terra Manking is on the verge of extinction: the only hope is to take over the planet Terra which is already inhabited by an other sentient species…

Well survival of our grandchildren first! Let’s wipe out those Terrans!

One Response - “Battle for Terra Movie”

  1. Iszaham

    Well, I don’t really like to watch animation or 3D movie…
    but I do watch sometimes when the movie looks great
    or the voice cast..

    I hope Battle for Terra will as good as the poster promises!