Beastly Release Date Pushed back

Beastly MovieThe movie Beastly was set to be released on July 30, 2010, but CBS Films is now postponing the release of Beastly to March 18, 2011. The film has probably been pushed back to avoid to compete against the movie Charlie St. Cloud which is targeting the same demographic.

Here’s the trailer of Beastly starring Alex Pettyfer and Vanessa Hudgens:


And the trailer of Charlie St Cloud starring Zac Efron:


Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens are rumored to be a couple, if so, the new schedule will relieve some pressure then!

3 Responses - “Beastly Release Date Pushed back”

  1. dragon

    Aww man, and here I was looking forward to Beastly. Damn means I have to wait till next year….

  2. cutepnay

    hey I’ve been longing to watch that! Been waiting since it was announced to be filmed

  3. Denete

    Wow, I was really looking forward to seeing Beastly. I didn’t know the release was postponed. I went to the theater expecting to see the movie today. It’s been on my mind since I saw the trailer in May. :(