Believe Me Movie Trailer

A new trailer of Believe Me, the upcoming drama comedy movie written and directed by Will Bakke, has been released online, you may watch it below:


Just pray these guys get caught!

“Sam stands on stage as thousands of fans go wild. Smart and handsome, he moves them with his message, and when he calls for donations to his charity, the money pours in. Only thing is, Sam doesn’t believe a word he’s saying. Just months earlier, Sam was a college senior on the path to law school. But when a surprise tuition bill leaves him thousands of dollars in the hole, he’s forced to think outside the box. Convincing his three roommates they can make a killing exploiting the gullible church crowd, the guys start a sham charity and begin campaigning across the country, raising funds for a cause as fake as their message.”

I do dig this latest cut of the trailer of Believe Me. Now I feel like watching the film! What about you?

The cast inlcudes Alex Russell, Zachary Knighton, Johanna Braddy, Miles Fisher, Sinqua Walls, Max Adler, Nick Offerman, and Christopher McDonald.

The film will open in theater son September 26, 2014.

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