Bella Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2

This new character poster of Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 features Actress Kristen Stewart as Bella:

Breaking Dawn Part 2 Film Trailer

(Click on the poster to enlarge.)

I guess she really became a vampire, only a cold heart could cheat on Robert Pattinson after all!

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    OMG! shut up yes supposedly she cheated just give it up god damn you’re stupid just shut up and post the damn posters without your pointless commentary

  2. Boudette

    Everyone makes mistakes, young and old. She is young and may not have had the upper hand in the situation. We all read the headlines everyday. Show biz is a predatory world. Some people may not have wanted to see Robsten together so they try to destroy them. I hope Robert can forgive her. When I saw them together as a couple, it gave me hope for young love. It was refreshing and reassuring. I hope they can get past this and have a stronger, enduring love for one another. Don’t let one mistake (because you can’t forgive) cost you a relationship. I hope they get back together, stronger than before.

  3. Dragon

    Poster looks awesome. Can’t wait to see Breaking Dawn Part 2 and also purchase the DVD.

  4. lovely,Lexius

    I do hope, he can forgive her… But it only take one mistake to destroy the person you really care about!!! Whatever God desire…no one can take that away. So may God be with Krist and rob… Cause we only human.

  5. tina

    They are meant to be togetther !! Love them both ! hope they get back soon !!!

  6. Giselle

    I like Bella!

  7. charmaine hughes

    Twilight I wish it wouldn’t end. I love it, I’m big fan Bella and Edward: love you loads!

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