Beneath Movie Trailer

Let’s watch the official trailer of Beneath, the upcoming horror movie directed by Ben Ketai and starring Kelly Noonan, Jeff Fahey, Brent Briscoe, Joey Kern, Eric Etebari, Kurt Caceres, David Shackelford, and Mark L. Young:


In 2013, a collapse at the Brackett coal mine left a group of workers trapped nearly six hundred feet underground.

This is what happened.

Her father’s last day. Her first descent.

In order to survive you have to kill or be killed!

“A deadly, supernatural force is unleashed underground with a crew of trapped coal miners and a female environmentalist in this creepy and claustrophobic horror thriller.”

A movie probably best to avoid if you suffer from claustrophobia…

The release date of Beneath is set to June 6, 2014.

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