Best Movies 1973

Best movies 1973Top movies 1973
List of the best movies released in 1973
Top grossing movies in 1973


Let’s check together the best grossing movies of 1973 (movie trailers and other details available below):

1 The Sting$156,000,000
2 The Exorcist$128,000,000
3 American Graffiti$96,300,000
4 Papillon$53,267,000
5 The Way We Were$49,919,870
6 Magnum Force$44,680,473
7 Last Tango in Paris$36,144,000
8 Live and Let Die$35,377,836
9 Robin Hood$32,056,467
10 Paper Moon$30,933,743

The Sting

The Exorcist

American Graffiti


The Way We Were

Magnum Force

Last Tango in Paris

James Bond – Live and Let Die

Robin Hood (by Disney)

Paper Moon