Beyonce Cadillac Records Movie Trailer

Beyonce Knowles as Etta James - Cadillac Records Movie

Watch below the first teasear trailer of Cadillac Records, upcoming movie starring Beyonce Knowles as Etta James, Adrien Brody as leonard Chess and Jeffrey Wright as Muddy Waters.

Cadillac Records First Trailer

Cadillac Records Teaser Trailer

This teaser trailer of Cadillac Records is really appealing, Oh God, the music is good to my ears!

3 Responses - “Beyonce Cadillac Records Movie Trailer”

  1. Roseline Bello

    I love Beyonce soo much. Beyonce is soo pretty and i love her dressing is simple and that is what i like from some famous singer.
    I like her voice and i like her when she acts in movie like Power Austin and the Goldmember. And i like how she dances.

  2. Philisiwe

    Phenomenal doesn’t begin 2 describe her.Beyone’s such a talented soul and I love her for that. Of all her performances, Cadillac Records takes it. She’s beyond words. Love her 2 bits………


  3. Lindokuhle Mnqayi

    Beyonce.we are so grateful to have a humble singer like you; it is un usual especially in the U.S—Keep up good work…We think that you are the next Michael Jackson coz girl you can perform Dammmmm! from Durban South Africa.