Bigger Movie Poster

There’s a first official poster for Bigger, the upcoming fitness drama movie directed by George Gallo:

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Bigger Movie Poster

The Joe Weider story.

He created fitness as we know it, together they changed the world.


Plot synopsis:
“A powerful rags to riches story about international icons Joe and Ben Weider, who created the sport of modern body building as we know it today. They founded the Mr. Olympia competition and discovered Arnold Schwarzenegger along the way. They forever changed the way people viewed the human body and went on to build a business empire founded on fitness.”

Would you have what it take to become Mr Olympia?

Release date:
– Premiere on September 13. 2018 in Las Vegas to coincide with the Mr. Olympia competition;
– wide release in theaters: October 12, 2018 (in theaters).

One Response - “Bigger Movie Poster”

  1. Althea Chance

    I worked as a featured extra in this film. I enjoyed every day.
    Mr Gallo friendly and made everyone comfortable. I hope you return to film in Alabama again.Will there be a premier in Birmingham and. Is it possible for me to get a poster? Look ing forward to seeing Bigger.

    Kindest Regards
    Althea Chance.