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Twilight Breaking DawnDirector Bill Condon, who’s been hired by Summit Entertainment to helm Twilight 4 aka Twilight Breaking Dawn, wrote a note to Twilight fans:

Twilight Breaking Dawn Trailer

Greetings Twihards, Twifans, Twilight Moms, Team Edward, Team Jacob and Team Switzerland,

I just want to say hello to all of you and let you know that I’m stoked to be getting underway on the adventure of making BREAKING DAWN. As you’ve probably heard, I’ve been given a very warm welcome by Stephenie and Team Summit – who are super-focused, as you know, on getting these movies right.

I’m pretty busy bringing myself up to speed on what you already know by heart: I’ve read BREAKING DAWN twice, rewatched Catherine’s and Chris’s movies 2-3 times each, have all four CDs playing in my car, and have Catherine’s notebook, Mark Cotta Vaz’s companion books, and even Volume 1 of the graphic novel here on my desk – a corner of my office is starting to look like Hot Topic. I realize that this barely qualifies me for “newborn” status in the universe you’ve been living inside for a few years now, but a guy’s gotta start somewhere.

Like many of you, I’ve always been slightly obsessed with vampires, dating back to the prime-time series DARK SHADOWS, which I followed avidly as a kid. But that alone hadn’t been enough to get me interested in making a vampire movie, even though my early screenwriting and directing efforts grew out of a great love for horror movies and thrillers. Since making GODS AND MONSTERS thirteen years ago, however, I’ve been yearning for a return to a story with Gothic overtones.

The wonderful world that Stephenie has created has obviously struck a chord with you, and I don’t think it’s difficult to see why. For me, her characters are simultaneously timeless, yet very modern. Rooted in a beautiful, real landscape with a great sense of place, Bella, Edward, Jacob, and the rest of the Forks/La Push menagerie, experience emotions that are primal, and universal: desire, despair, jealousy – and it all comes to fruition in BREAKING DAWN. This is a final chapter in the best sense; not just wide in scope and scale, but emotionally charged and intense throughout.

I’m a huge admirer of the already-iconic Kristen, Robert, and Taylor, and wanted to be the one to work with them as they face the challenges of bringing your beloved characters to the end of their journeys. Really, what could be more fun than that?

Please feel free to ask questions in the comments section below, and I’ll do my best to answer them. I hope that this will be the first of many occasions I’ll get to check in with you as we set to work bringing BREAKING DAWN to the screen. I am excited and grateful to have all of you alongside me for my TWILIGHT journey.

All best,

Bill Condon

P.S. Answer #1: No, there won’t be any musical numbers

Dear Bill Condon, you’d better get it right, you don’t want to disappoint Twilight fans, do you?

9 Responses - “Bill Condon Twilight Breaking Dawn”

  1. Vero

    So i was wondering in what part is the movie going to end?? because i am aware that Breaking Dawn will be made into two movies, am i right?

  2. Laura

    Is there any way that you can change it from PG-13 to Rated R ?

    • tina

      No, don’t do that. My grand-daughter wants to see the finale. If it’s rated “R” then there is no way.

  3. Crystal Laboucane

    When the second part of ‘Breaking Dawn’ will be released?

  4. Camilla Marie

    I was wondering – are you just going to put like, the wedding, the honeymoon, Renesmee and the vampire part in one piece, and then the Volturi war in the second part, or whatever??? I’m really stoked, too :D

  5. Cristen Olsen

    Bill, I’m so excited about these last two movies. I, too, have read Breaking Dawn twice as well, have read all the other books and have seen each movie at least 10 times…what can I say, it must be a mid-life crisis thing. I’m a 35 year old Twihard mom (son is 4) with no teenage daughter to blame it on. The rating will come with the content, the important thing is to get the movie right and it sounds like you’re on your way to doing just that. After all I’ve read about you and Melissa planning on making the movies so close to the books, I can’t even think of any suggestions except to draw out the love scenes. I can’t wait to actually see what I’ve visualized while reading the books. Edward and Bella’s love is so complete and passionate it will be fun to watch Edward restrain himself during the “before” love scenes and be fierce during the “after” love scenes. Let me know if you need an extra and I’ll fly myself to Baton Rouge or Vancouver any day of the week! -Cristen

  6. Debra Clements

    I, too, am an older MOM who has found the perfect escape in the Twilight world. I’ve been reading for years and I truly have never read any books like these that have affected me so deeply. And, I came to the Twi-world late (only started reading the books this year). Have seen the movies many times, and am on my fourth reading of the books. Like everyone, I am in love with Edward, LOVE the midnight sun version and hope Stephanie will finish that soon , and love how Robert has played the part.
    (Just wish he would be a little more serious and appreciative of the whole Twilight experience during his interviews – I really think he is having a problem with his insta-fame and he owes this saga a GREAT deal). But, part of what I loved about the first Twilight movie was the wonderful music that came from that movie. I am very disappointed that the lovely music, especially Eward and Bella’s lullaby didn’t find its way into the subsequent films. I think the beautiful music was part of what made the first movie so intense and “dreamy”. I immediately went out and bought sheet music to all of it and have enjoyed playing it. I discovered Yiruma, love his music, and think “first love” would be a great song to thread into Breaking Dawn as background music. I feel New Moon and Eclipse lost something because there was no “romantic” music intertwined into the movie. Not wanting to sound sexist, but you can tell a man directed those movies… I hope you don’t make that same mistake. Am looking very forward to the BD movies. Hope you follow the book and my suggestion is to not scrimp on some of the romantic dialog between Bella and Edward. Eclipse did that – 1) so much of the dialog in the “Compromise” chapter was omitted and shortened that it lost alot. 2) the dialog between Bella and Edward after the tent scene after she kisses Jacob and comes back to face Edward – when Edward talks about how his leaving created the bond between B & J and now he has to live with that.. those extra 4 or 5 lines during that scene would have added alot I think. Face it, the romance and intensity between Bella and Edward is what we are craving and there is sooo much in the book you can give us.

  7. Selena

    Am I the only human who wished Bella would have choosen Jacob? Will he play any role in her love life?

  8. rosepedall911

    seeing as half the population of twilight fans are team edward and the other half team jacob, if with Stephenies permission will you be doing any alternate endings to satisfy both groups?… even though we all know what really happens! its just a cool thought!
    ( obviously you can tell im team jacob, lol )