Black Panther Movie

Black Panther MovieA few months ago Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige hinted at a possible Black Panthers movie once the Avengers hit theaters:

Black Panther Trailer

“What happens after ‘Avengers’ is what’s being discussed now. Obviously, you’ve heard about Doctor Strange. I’ve been a vocal fan of Strange for a long time. Black Panther, I think, I mentioned recently.”

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige

Well it seems Marvel is really considering to develop a live-action Black Panther movie for the big screen: a screenwriter has just been hired, Mark bailey (best known as a story editor for documentaries) got the job!

Black Panther Film - Screenwriter hired - Mark bailey
For those of you who are not familiar with the Black Panther, this superhero is the warrior king of Wakanda, a fictional technologically-advanced nation in the heart of Africa.

2 Responses - “Black Panther Movie”

  1. Chuck

    I first heard about this like 15 years ago, Wesley Snipes was attached once

  2. Freddie

    Well if there is gonna be a black panther movie, they better make the costume, the one with the cape. It looks so much better.