Blade 4 Movie

Blade 4 MovieActor Wesley Snipes has been talking about a Blade 4 movie:

“There has been some talk about a Blade 4. I would be interested if the script was right.”

actor Wesley Snipes

But Wesley Snipes won’t necessarily have the lead role in Blade 4. I heard that Director Stephen Norrington and Scriptwriter David Goyer are rather thinking about doing a prequel that would focus on the character of Deacon Frost, who was played by Stephen Dorff in the first film, so Wesley Snipes’s role as the vampire hunter would be limited…

Stephen Dorff Deacon Frost

Well, time will tell! For now, Director Stephen Norrington is still busy with a remake of the Crow.

13 Responses - “Blade 4 Movie”

  1. xino

    Blade 4, for so long now, I bet the script is nearly done and it’s about Frost:/

  2. Joseph Lucas,III

    I want Blade to be in the next Underworld movie. He can help fight the Lycans.

  3. bill

    Who cares about deacon frost, blade is wesley snipes

  4. joe

    gonna be kind of hard 2 film from the prison yard…

  5. bladefan

    Who wants to see a movie about Frost? Blade killed him anyway! If a Blade 4 movie is made and Wesley Snipes is not the main character whats the point? I would really enjoy another movie with Blade!

  6. ebooks profits

    Please let there be a Blade 4 with Wesley Snipes,forget Deacon Frost,Blade 3 was very disappointed that movie lack deepth,plot that was weaken with terriable add ons Blade did not need help fight the Vampire God,Furthermore,rumor has it that Wesley Snipes did not have much of input in the script of the movie,at least give a die hard Blade Fans a great where we can sink our teeth in to.

  7. The Lost Poet

    I wouldn’t waste my time watching Blade $ if Snipes not in it or if its about frost…how lame is that…frost…really…stupid people can’t think of a plot….simple…merge underworld with blade…duhhhhhhh

    • mrstutterz

      I love the Blade movies. But Wesley Snipes it’s 50 years old, I doubt a Blade 4 with him as Blade would be any good. Then again, Stallone made another Rocky in old age…

  8. SoaringHawk/BladeMania

    Mr. Norrington and Mr. Goyer, your reason for even considering making Deacon Frost the main character? You
    do realizes Blade killed him, right? C’mon dudes, Blade can carry the movie all by himself. How about this a
    villianeous female vampire. Also, bring back Karen Jenson aka N’Bushe Wright, she would take the place of

    Peace and Love.

  9. Don White

    No! We want the story to stay evolving around the Blade character. No blade character, then don’t even bother. Wesley Snipes is what makes the blade movies so great and exciting to watch. Especially with all the cool fight scene’s that Wesley Snipes performs. Wesley Snipes is the one who makes the movie’s so entertaining to watch! No Wesley, then no blade 4! No one cares about Decon frost! He doesn’t peak the interests of the masses like Blade does! But I really would like to see a blade 4 made. The story should evolve around the night stalkers and the little girl that was left behind in part 3, but are led by Wesley Snipes (Blade).

  10. solari

    I would love to see Damon Salvatore team up Blade..bring alot of sexy to the Blade series..

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