Blind Side Clip

The Blind SideYou may watch below a series of preview clips of The Blind Side, an upcoming movie staring Sandra Bullock, Tim McGraw, Quinton Aaron, and Kathy Bates:

The Blind Side – Big Mike
Leigh Anne (Sandra Bullock) gives Big Mike (Quinton Aaron) a ride.

The Blind Side – Sleep Tight
Leigh Anne (Sandra Bullock) prepares a bed for Michael (Quinton Aaron).

More clips of the Blind Side below:

The Blind Side – Where your mother lives
Michael Oher (Quinton Aaron) gets some bad news.

The Blind Side – Like Vinegar
Leigh Anne (Sandra Bullock) grudgingly admits that her husband might be right.

The Blind Side – Teaching
Miss Sue (Kathy Bates) admits a terrible secret to Leigh Anne (Sandra Bullock).

The Blind Side – Changing His LIfe
Leigh Anne (Sandra Bullock) gives a piece of her mind to her friends.

Is Sandra Bullock trying to redeem herself for her previous comedy movies? Well, it works! She’s great in the Blind Side movie!

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