Blood Stripe Movie Trailer

Blood Stripe MovieCheck out the first official trailer of Blood Stripe, the upcoming psychological drama thriller movie directed by Remy Auberjonois and starring Kate Nowlin, Tom Lipinski, Chris Sullivan, Rusty Schwimmer, Ashlie Atkinson, Ken Marks, Louis Jenkins and Rene Auberjonois:

Plot synopsis:
Blood Stripe: A scarlet stripe that runs down the dress trousers worn by officers of the United States Marine Corps
Our Sergeant returns home after a third tour with the Marines. Unable to sleep, wracked by paranoia and anxiety, it is clear that in addition to the scars she bears on her body, Our Sergeant carries unseen wounds. When a boisterous homecoming party provokes an explosive outburst, Our Sergeant has nowhere to turn, and so she runs… deep into the North Woods. Discovering a picturesque summer camp on a lake, Our Sergeant seeks refuge and at first, finds solace. But she cannot outrun her own heart of darkness and the pristine wilderness becomes fraught with peril.”

By the way if you’re wondering about the song in this trailer of Blood Stripe, it’s the song “Million Dollar Secret” by Lucius:

Lucius – Million Dollar Secret [Official Audio]

War never leaves a soldier. Even when the soldier goes back home, it just stows away and lurks in the back of the mind…

The release date of the movie Blood Stripe is set to:
– September 29th, 2017 for NY;
– and October 13th, 2017 for LA.

Stay tuned with us for more details.

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