Body Movie Trailer

You may watch below the official trailer of Body, the upcoming drama thriller movie written and directed by Dan berk and Robert Olsen:

“A darkly funny and twisted journey taking place entirely on one unforgettable Christmas Eve, Body revolves around a trio of college co-eds whose dalliance with breaking-and-entering goes horribly awry. Sneaking off to a secluded mansion to party, the young girls are faced with dire choices after they unexpectedly encounter the property’s groundskeeper. Following a freak accident, the girls find themselves entangled in a Hitchcockian nightmare steeped in tension, suspicion, double-crossing, and murder, where no one is to be trusted and a new twist lies around every corner.”

Breaking and entering is a serious crime… Those girls are no angels…

Two posters of the film:

(Click on a poster to enlarge.)

The release date of Body is set to December 29, 2015.

Update – here’s a clip from the film:

Body – You don’t invite a guy to a girls night!

Well that tramp had a good look at them. If the police were to ask him later, I bet he will recall this encounter!

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