Bojana Novakovic – Malicious Movie

This new official picture of Malicious, the upcoming horror thriller movie written and directed by Michael Winnick, features Actress Bojana Novakovic:

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Bojana Novakovic - Malicious

Plot synopsis:
โ€œWhen a young college professor Adam (Josh Stewart) and his pregnant wife Lisa (Bojana Novakovic) suffer a traumatic event, they find themselves along with Lisaโ€™s sister Becky (Melissa Bolona) haunted โ€” and connected โ€” to a malicious entity. It is only when Adam calls upon Dr. Clark (Delroy Lindo), a professor of parapsychology at the university, that the true horror of what they have encountered becomes clear.โ€

Any idea what the evil entity is?

No official release date yet.

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