Book of Eli Movie

Denzel Washington got the lead role as Eli in the Book of Eli, an upcoming post-apocalyptic western movie. The film is directed the Hughes brothers and based on a script penned by Gary Whitta. Beside Denzel Washington, in the cats of the Book of Eli: Gary Oldman, Mila Kunis, Ray Stevenson and Jennifer Beals. The film should be released in January 2010.

Book of Eli Movie in 2010

Take a look to this concept teaser poster of the Book of Eli movie:
(Click on the poster to enlarge it.)
BOOK OF ELI MOVIEThe pen is maybe mightier than the sword, but Eli does have a samurai sword in his back!

“In the post-apocalyptic world of the book of Eli, civilization has collapsed and clean water has become the prime currency.
Washington plays a survivor who must fend off gangs and a brutal tyrant in this desolate wasteland.
Oldman will play the film’s villain, a despot of a small and pathetic town, who’s determined to get a hold of Eli’s book, a book that may save Mankind.”

So Denzel Washington is going is going to bring order back in a back both with a book and a samurai sword: he’ll be like a super-Obama running a campaign set in a post-apocalyptic world where a samurai sword can be damn handy even if it is still not as mighty as the traditional pen!

9 Responses - “Book of Eli Movie”

  1. Iszaham

    From the poster it looks amazing. And with Denzel Washington in there, it’s gonna be a great film.

  2. Helz

    Jennifer Beals will be my draw to this.
    plus the storyline is right up my alley.

  3. elaine

    Can’t wait to see the movie trailer of Book of Eli.
    I know JB will be good!

  4. elaine

    they have not started filming yet: filming begins in March

  5. Fred

    They have started filming. Right now they are in Albuquerque NM

  6. elaine

    Thanks fred. Have you seen them filming anything? I saw a picture of Denzel Washington just been released. (here)

  7. elaine

    when does filming finish fred

  8. elaine

    i have seen some good pics of this movie

  9. elaine

    is the film premiere in march instead of january?

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