Bourne 4 Movie

Bourne 4 MovieScriptwriter Tony Gilroy (who worked on all of the previous Bourne movies) is in charge of writing the script of Bourner 4, aka The Bourne Legacy:

Bourne 4 Trailer

Tony Gilroy, the keeper of the Bourne flame, is back with us to write the treatment for #4, THE BOURNE LEGACY…

Producer Frank Marshall
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Director Paul Greengrass and Actor Matt Damon haven’t confirmed yet if they’re returning for this new installment of the Bourne movie franchise. I don’t mind if they hire a new director, but I can hardly imagine a Bourne 4 movie without Matt Damon as Jason Bourne…

3 Responses - “Bourne 4 Movie”

  1. nesohawkins

    Only Matt Damon as Bourne!! He’s so good in it. ;)

  2. Patfat

    Without Greengrass it not Bourne either. In fact, I will wager that neither would do the film without the other.

  3. peckinpah1976

    So the Bourne Identity isn’t Bourne either, then?