Breaking Dawn Honeymoon

Summit Entertainment has released a hi-res version of the honeymoon picture:

Breaking Dawn Trailer

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Bella and Edward - Twilight Breaking Dawn Film

Really glad that Jacob (Taylor Lautner) didn’t win over Bella (Kristen Stewart)’s heart: Edward (Robert Pattinson) is her real soulmate.

2 Responses - “Breaking Dawn Honeymoon”

  1. Peggy

    I am glad in a way that Bella and Edward finally got married, but in a way my heart is heavy because of how much Jacob loved her, you could really feel the passion that Jacob had for Bella, not so much with Edward, she was more like his posession than his love, Soooooo what becomes of the heartbroken Jacob now ?

  2. Peggy

    I would not split this movie, It should be done on a Gone With The Wind theme or Titanic, 2 disc sets and long but worth it , I think to split it would be a tragic mistake, people would be unhappy, just make it into a long movie……Gone With The Wind is still a classic and people still love to watch it !!!