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Breaking Dawn The Movie - The Twilight Saga~Kir$ie~, a really passionate twilight fan, left a very long comment on a post about Twilight Breaking Dawn. It’s a bit long for the comment section, but we guess that quite a few Twilight fans would like to discuss wiht her about it. So here’s how she’d like Breaking Dawn, the fourth installment of the Twilight saga to be done:


I know I’m not the only one disappointed with Twilight(read 7 times) (MOVIE). Not ONE part was exactly like the book, when he first touches her(to feel coldness), the Q & A was in the car on the way home from PA not in the restaurant, and it didn’t say ANYTHING about Jaspers power, that turns SO FREAKING IMPORTANT in all the books, plus Angela like BEN NOT Erik. So What th crap are they gonna do for Eclipse huh?
I hope (and believe( that New Moon(read 7 times) (MOVIE) will be better,(it better be, new moon is my #1 book outta the four), but I’ve seen the previews, I’m disappointed with how they show the werewolves size, in the book it say ‘I saw the russet brown wolf, which was bigger then a HORSE’, like seriously they are size of a normal wolf in the previews!
Eclipse(read 4 times) was in my opinion, the worst book in the saga, the whole time, Bella is all like, Oh, im such a victim, I love Edward but I love Jacob too! Oh I don’t deserve either of them, but I couldn’t stand it if either of them left! WAH, Whoa is me! Oh and guess what, there are vampires in Seatlle, oh their still there, I wonder when they are going to leave. OH it was actually Victoria! Man its just a matter of WHEN she dies, not IF she dies. UGH, gimme a break
Anyways, Breaking Dawn (read 35 -going on 36, I’m on pg 21 for now- times -no joke-) was my 2nd fav book. I think that it shoud be made either into a 3 pt movie(for all the character pov switches) or into a 5 hr movie(1hr for pt 1, 2hrs each for pt 2 and 3). Because 2 1/2 hrs isn’t enough for a book with 754 pgs. I nkow its going to be difficult, but it will be so much easier if you get RID OF KRISTEN STEWART AND ROBERT PATTINSON!!! I realize that you can’t ever switch Robert(ugh I’ll just have to live with it), but you can fire Kristen after Bella get turned into a vamp, so have her as a HUMAN Bella, but Fire her for a vamp(shes not pretty enough anyways, and her bathroom acting noises aren’t fit for a vamp anyways!)

If you have to make it into a 2 1/2 hr movie these are the parts that you need to keep in and out.
Keep in idea *
Take out idea –
*Idea for telling Charlie/Renee scene…. Before you show the movie, show a short scene of telling Charlie, sense he says you have to tell Renee, have that be the intro for the Renne phone call. Such as
Bella and Edward driving(from the meadow, as eclipse readers may know but not yet connected) to Charlie’s house, play that scene WORD FOR WORD, then black out for about 2 sec, then show Bella calling her mom to tell her, like how you showed her calling her mom in Twilight movie, remember again WORD FOR WORD. Black out for about five seconds to start the show.
-Take out the car part, introduce the car and deal by having Charlie drive her to the Cullens for the getting ready of the wedding, show Bella cringing at the Jacob posters on the way there
*Take out Renee being there, except for the actual wedding, and have her in the seats, let Bella take a sneak peek at her. And make the wedding IN the original Cullen house. And that doen’st have to be so detailed, just include the parts that STEPHANIE thinks are important.
-Take out Bella CALLING Seth, but have included him in the congrats after, be sure to introduce us to the Denali also. As they Denali’s get introduced, have Bella be thinking about when Carlise told her about the immortal children, it makes the audience aware of WHY the Voluturi think of Reneesme as a threat.
No need for Word for word on this part, just get the gist of it. After that little dream thing, have her start the dancing, and include the WHOLE scene, word for word of the dance and the part after, keep in mind that that part is short, like in the book Bella says, I realized that the conflict which was catastrophic in my head, was only ten seconds in real life’
*- Keep in the goodbyes, but take out the long adventure TO the honeymoon, like black out til the Housten Airport, black out to the Rio de Janerio Airport, black out, have her ‘wake up’ on the big white bed on isle esme, and then start the honeymoon from there.
*-Now for a difficult part, I don’t know what would be better, a rated R or PG 13 movie. I myself am only 14, and I’d like to be able to watch the movie without having my mind too messed up, I myself like Stephenie, am a mormon (LDS) and I’d like to thank her a million times for not going into too much detail about the sex in he books. So its just up to SM and the director for this part. As of details on the Honeymoon, I think that the actual fact that they had sex is important, and the her finding out she is a pregger. Also how Edward over reacts, to going home swiftly and how Bella calls Rosalie, to explain the truce, and the new found relationship between the two.
Now for the Jacob pat in the 5 hr (hopefully) movie, or the 2nd pt of the trio of the BD trio of movies.
*Keep in idea
-Take out idea
* or -find some way to include that Paul has imprinted on Jake’s sister, and that his temper is gone. Just so the news that the imprinting of most the WearWolves(WW) isn’t surprising. But its not the most important thing needed to be kept in. Its important but I wouldn’t become butt hurt if it didn’t show up in the movie. The scene with Quil on the beach, same story, its important, but with only 2 hrs(or less) on Jacob’s book, it doesn’t NEED to be there.
*The WW meeting is critical too. For the other WW thoughts, just like have the words as in commentary, show the WW actions, but have the audience just hear the words. Have it be close to Word for Word(WFW) but again with the short time, it doesn’t NEED to be quite WFW as some of the other situations. But it does need to happen.
*Show Jacob’s dicovery of Bella being sick/pregnant. Again WFW not needed here, but its a part that needs to happen. And include the part outside of the house, with a standoff with Edward and Jake/ And after be sure to add Jake trying to convince Bella not to kill herself.
*CRITICAL!!! Show the ENTIRE WW meeting! WFW! Show the wolves EXCACTLY how Stphanie(SM) described them! That is the most important part of the Jacob book! Show him becoming his own Alpha, with Seth amd Leah at his side! You have to show from pgs 198-221 completely, word for word! It doesn’t have that same impact without that series of events.
-Show why Leah came, but not WFW as in the book, just like have her inject a thought like Seth when they join. It seemed like it was just filling up uneeded space. (no offence SM, I just needed to explain my point) Leave out pgs224-233.
-Leave out the second trip, except find some way to include Jake making the assumption of how the fetus wants blood. So let her drink blood(v8 or something like that) and have it visibly make her look healthier.
*Include someone saying and giving Jake the clothes, and food later on. Just find a place, wherever you can.
*Also, include the meeting with Jake,Seth,and Leah, with Jared,Quil,and Collin. Preferably WFW too.
*Also like someone before me noted, include the constant tention and jokes between ‘the blonde’ and the ‘mutt’ (Rosalie and Jake), it adds some humor to the serious story we all know and love as Breaking Dawn(BD).
-As long as you include in New Moon(NM) that Alice can’t see the wolves future, you don’t need to include that Bella gives her a headache, and Jake can cure it, its not a big detail in my opinion.
*In one of the visits, have Jake say something like, so how will it happen anyways, or just have him come in when the others are discussing it, like have them be all like, sense we can’t go with tradtional methods, Edward you will have to take the baby out. Because we can’t risk the baby hurting Bella.
*Include Leahs preopsition, like how she lets Seth know that he’s going back to Seth’s pack after this, and how Leah was going to stay in Jake’s pack, if thats ok with him.
*In one of the many visits, include when Edward hears the baby and loves it now. Also after, when Jake tries to imprint by going to the park in Edward awesome car. Thats important for me because it just shows how desperate he is to stop getting hurt over Bella, and the decisions she makes.
*When he gets back from the above stated trip, have Edward meet him outside, and ask permission for the right for Edward to change Bella into a vamp, have him say yes right then and there, it will shorten and complexity of the fact that he does say yes, also have him recieve the news, about when they are going to start the birth of the baby.
*For the final scene of book/movie(hopefully) of, Jacob just make it short and sweet. Like just have it in Jacobs view still, and have him watch in horror during the labor. Like have her tip the cup, have him sorta reach for it, have him change his mind and just see if Bella’s(B) alright, then watch her bend over and spew blood. Then how she passes out into Edward, how Edward(E) brings her upstairs and Jake(J) feels the pull to follow. And when he does get up there, B has her clothes off, but have her covered in one of those hospital blankets. And show E ripping the baby out, and how Reneesme goes downstairs with Rosalie(R) giving that R just just got kicked out. Have J assume B’s dead without the pull there, and have him go downstairs, ready to kill the baby for killing B, but instead have him just become imprinted, while you hear B now racing heart.
Finally we’ve come to pt 3 in the book/movie.
*Keep in idea
-Take out
*Replay the last part of J’s book/move, but in B’s view, such as
Bella sitting on the couch, about to take another drink form her blood cup, and have her tip it over instead of grabbing it. Now on instinct, she goes down to grab it, but instead you hear a CRACK and B spweing a fountian of blood(FOB) and the screen fades to black for about a second, insinuating that B has passed out. Then have her wake up for an instant when she is already upstairs under the blanket naked. Have Edward or Rosalie say ‘the placenta is detached, have bella say ‘Get him OUT!’ still thinking that it is a baby boy. and have her spew another FOB and the screen blacking out again. For a second, only to come back on to E biting B to start the change, J leaving the room, and cut to black for about 5 sec while B is enduring the change, waking up to the Cullens(C) talking. Have that be a short recap if the movie ends up being 3 parts. But if its one movie, have it be the start of the 2nd B part.
*Include the firt part of 2nd B in the book, all of it, where Bella is waking up as a vamp. (pg384-398)
*Include the first hunt and B meeting R after, WFW from pg399-451
-Take out B hurting Seth(S). Again a not important detail, and the movie needs to be as short as possible, without ruining it either.
*Be sure to include Alice showing E & B their own home.
*- like during the honeymoon, I don’t know about if this movie should be R or PG 13, so I think it shoud let the audience know that they are having sex for the 1st time as B being a vamp, but in my opinion(IMO) it shouldn’t SHOW anything, see that MOST Twilight fans are teenagers of course.
*Have J phase for Charlie(C) and then have C go see B & R. Again WFW isn’t super important, but it would’nt hurt.
*- the arm wrestling is fuuny, but if thearm wrestling isn’t mentioned in the Eclipse movie, then its not needed, in fact, it would confuse everyone who hasn’t read the books.
*Another dificult part, showing R grow up. Seeing how she is the size of a 3month old baby, that can run, dance and read. And she only gets more advance. So honestly, best of luck to however you decide to present that.
*Show Alice and Jasper leave, along with the notes, and B’s intructions for Scott/J. Jenks. To me he is VERY important, ya you could kinda shorten it, but it is too important to cut out. The documents show how much B cares about her daughter. And how, when the Volturi(V) come, that she is prepare to get R out of there. Its just luck, and SM writing, that makes it unneeded.
*The introduction of ALL the vamp are super important! It shows how its possible that the V stopped. And how many vampires there really are (in this book anyways).And the practicing of all thier powers, and how many relationships came to be. So I don’t think you should cut any out of the introduction of all the vamps.
*Show how Zafrina(Z) challenges B in her abilities. How she can push the shield out, and protects other’s minds too. Plus how she tempts her, with E & R to increase her potential.
*Show Christmas at C’s. It connecets the audiance with the movie.
*Show Alistar leaving, and how Amun thinks about leaving, how he thinks its unsafe.
*Show the preperation for the battle with the V. I think the length is good enough, as long as you don’t ADD anything.
*Include every detail of the confrontation with the V, the almost battle, and the explanation. Plus don’t forget Hulian and Nahuel. They are the 2nd most important part of the victory, 2nd only to B and her gift.
*Include after, where Alice(A) explains why she left, and E explaining why Nahuel looks at B wierd.
*Include where B introduces her gift to E. Make it WFW from pgs750-754.


Thanks for your input ~Kir$ie~! So any Twilight to reply? What do you want in Twilight 4, aka Breaking Dawn?

3 Responses - “Breaking Dawn The Movie by a Twilight fan”

  1. Alysha

    you are so unbelievable! i get that the movies aren’t like the books but there is only so much that they can do with a budget, and time limit as well as the fact that they are fictional characters and so there are probably no people exactly like them let alone actors! so stop whining and disconnect the movies from the books because they will never be the same!

  2. meriellen

    I have to say that everyone is entitled to their own opinion! Not everyone shares your views on the subject! If the people want to know more about the story their will read the books. Personally I like the books better! However their is no way to create word for word the book to film! If it makes you this upset don’t go see them!

  3. shanna

    I have to say that i agree with parts of what you say Kir$ie, I wish that they could have made the movies exactly like the books but I don’t think that there has ever been a movie like that.
    The Twilight series is my FAVORITE books I have ever read, I have become obsessed with them and have to keep reading them over and over, I have fallen in love with all of the characters and feel like I am apart of the story when I read them, I read the 4 books in 4 days no joke and am going to read them again, I just can not get enough of them. Every time I read them I read something that I missed the first time and so on.
    As for the movies, I think that they are FANTASTIC, I do wish that they could have put some of the more important parts into the movie but for people that have never read the books the movies so far have been wonderful, I have watched them both over and over probably over 50 times so far. I have never read or watched anything that has grasped my attention like this saga has. After reading Breaking Dawn, I was sad because I wanted to keep reading and see what happens to the Cullens and to Jacob, I guess that is were the imagination comes into play:)