Breaking Dawn

Twilight Breaking Dawn MovieBreaking Dawn
aka Twilight 4 or The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn
Directed by ?
Starring Kristen Stewart as Bella, Robert Pattinson as Edward, Taylor Lautner as Jacob
Release Date: TBA 2011

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5 Responses - “Breaking Dawn”

  1. patti

    i think they make too much about Edward and not enough about jacob

  2. shanna

    This has got to be my favorite out of all four books, it’s like a roller coaster of emotions, I love it!

  3. Tash

    AWESOME!! book really really really awesome and fasanating book, but what would be even better: Is that the movie should hurry up… not being rude or anything but thats the way it is… I cant wait to see the werewolves at there game ohh plus emmett he is sooo smokin hot!! so is Jacob

  4. lucy

    i love the movie but i think they need to add more about Jacob and since Bela is going to end up with Edward they should have someone for Jacob so he can be happy at the end too!!!

  5. brittany mundorff

    I wonder if Edward will still change her cause since in eclipse she had to marry him to get changed I hope she lives and the wolfs don’t kill her