Bree Tanner Twilight Eclipse Movie

Bree Tanner - Eclipse MovieLet’s meet Bree Tanner (Jodelle ferland), a newborn vampire in the upcoming movie Eclipse the latest opus of the Twilight Saga:

Twilight Eclipse Bree Tanner

Twilight Eclipse – Bree Tanner

Jodelle Ferland

“Even though Bree Tanner is on the bad side, she doesn’t really want to be. She’s sort of forced to be, and she doesn’t understand it. She’s just going along with it so she’s safe. The army of newborns come to attack the Cullen family, and she’s with them.”

Actress Jodelle Ferland

What do you think of Jodelle Ferland as Bree Tanner? Do you like her character? Are you going to buy the Bree Tanner novella written by Stephenie Meyer?

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  1. W3R3WoLf

    can wait for the movie;)