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Bright MovieA first look at Actor Joel Edgerton as the orc Nick Jakoby in Bright, the upcoming crime fantasy movie directed by David Ayer based on a script by Max Landis:

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Bright Movie -
 Joel Edgerton as Nick Jakoby

Plot synopsis:
“The film is set in a world where magical creatures live side by side with humans and the police have a division handling crimes involving magic.
An Orc cop (Joel Edgerton) is partnered with a human cop (Will Smith) on an ordinary beat when they wind up helping an elf (Lucy Fry ) who has come into the possession of a massively powerful (and highly illegal) weapon: a magic wand. With several nefarious villains after the powerful artifact, the cops end up having to protect it and her.”

An orc without tusks? Never mind, am still hooked, and I totally dig the “Alien Nation” feel!

Here’s the film cast:
– Will Smith as Scott Ward, a human cop.
– Joel Edgerton as Nick Jakoby, the first Orc cop.
– Noomi Rapace
– Lucy Fry as Tikka, a young elf with powers who is in possession of the wand.
– Édgar Ramírez as Kandomere, an elf who works for the FBI’s magic division.
– Happy Anderson as Montehugh, a human who works for the FBI’s magic division.
– Kenneth Choi
– Ike Barinholtz
– Andrea Navedo as Captain Perez
– Brad William Henke as Dorghu, the imposing and scary leader of the Fogteeth Orcs gang.
– Dawn Olivieri as Scott Ward’s wife.
– Alex Meraz
– Matt Gerald
– Enrique Murciano

The film has yet to get an official release date.

Stay tuned with us for more details about the movie Bright.

Update – Pictures of the supporting cast:

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Bright Movie Supporting Cast


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