Broken City Movie

Two official pictures of Broken City, the upcoming drama thriller movie directed by Allen Hughes, have popped up online:

Broken City Movie Trailer

(Click on a picture to enlarge.)

“Former cop Billy Taggart (Mark Walhberg), who’s now a private investigator, is hired by the Mayor (Russell Crowe) to find out if his wife (Catherine Zeta-Jones) is having an affair. When he confirms that she is, she soon turns up dead and the private sets out to expose a vast political conspiracy.”

What is Matt Damon looking at? Anyway, the pretty actress Catherine Zeta-Jones is way more interesting!

The cast of Broken City includes Mark Wahlberg, Russell Crowe, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Barry Pepper, and Kyle Chandler. The film is set to hit theaters on January 18, 2013.

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