Bruce Boxleitner Tron 2.0 Movie

Bruce Boxleitner Tron 2.0 MovieBruce Boxleitner as Alan Bradley, aka Tron, in Tron MovieWe just learned via Coming Soon that Bruce Boxleitner who played the role of as Alan Bradley, aka Tron, in the first movie is set to return in Tron 2!

Tron 2.0 Movie Bruce Boxleitner back as Tron

With both Jeff Bridges and Bruce Boxleitner reprising their roles it is clear that Disney is counting on fans’ nostalgia!

I supposed they checked the negative buzz following the title change to TRZ and are now rolling back to a more friendly TRON 2.0 (the plot has no relation with the game of the same name as far I know). But I’d suggest to leave the .0 part (unless Disney wants to get a featured post on Michael Arrington’s Techcrunch…) and just go with the streamlined title of TRON 2!

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  1. Frizzank

    If the movie is all 3D they might have a more pivotal role to play. Jeff and Bruce could be doing a lot of voice acting in the 3D world with Tron and Flyn as the main characters again….

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