Bruce Lee My Brother Movie Trailer

Bruce Lee My Brother MovieThere’s a new biopic of martial arts expert Bruce Lee ahead of us. With this new biopic of Bruce Lee, his family wants to correct widely reported inaccuracies:

Bruce Lee Trailer

Robert Lee

“We’ve read many books and seen many movies about Bruce Lee. But there are many inaccuracies in them.”

Robert Lee,
Bruce Lee’s brother

The plan isa to make a trilogy. The first is titled Bruce Lee My Brother. The film is directed by Raymond Yip Man-Wai and is starring Aarif Rahman as young Bruce Lee. Thanks to Isabel we may watch this first official movie trailer of Bruce Lee My Brother (a bootleg version has just leaked online):

“First in a three-part biopic about martial arts king Bruce Lee. The films are being made in cooperation with the family of Hong Kong’s most famous native son, who died 37 years ago.”

Movie Cast:
– Aarif Rahman aka Lee Chi Ting as Bruce Lee
– Tony Leung Kar-Fai as Lee Hoi-Chuen (Bruce’s father)
– Karen Mok as Grace Ho (Bruce’s mother)
– Jennifer Tse Ting Ting as Man Yi (Bruce’s girlfriend)

What do you think of this new biopic of Bruce Lee? Impatient to watch the movie Bruce Lee My Brother?

2 Responses - “Bruce Lee My Brother Movie Trailer”

  1. xino

    god, they are gonna milk this man to death till people had enough of him and start hating him:/

  2. Senh

    Looks promising. It’s based on a part of Bruce Lee’s life that’s not often told in movies. Well, other than Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, there hasn’t been many films based on his life.