Bruce Willis Surrogates

Surrogates TrailerWe may have a look to Surrogates, an upcoming sci-fi movie directed by Jonathan Mostow and starring Bruce Willis, thanks to this featurette that found its way online:

Surrogates Sneak Preview

Synopsis / Plot:
“In the near future, humans live in isolation and only interact through remote-controlled artificial bodies that serve as surrogates. When several surrogates are murdered, a cop (Bruce Willis) investigates the crimes through his own surrogate. The investigation forces the cop to bring his human form out of isolation and unravel a conspiracy behind the crimes.”

– Bruce Willis as Agent Greer, a cop who investigates the murder of others’ surrogates
– Radha Mitchell as Agent Peters, the cop’s partner
– Rosamund Pike as Maggie Greer, the cop’s wife
– Ving Rhames as The Prophet, a cult figure who disdains surrogates and plans an uprising
– Boris Kodjoe as Anthony Stone
– Jack Noseworthy as Strickland
– James Francis Ginty as Dr. Lionel Canter

I think this movie will somewhat have the feel of Minority Report… Well not brand new, but I can but welcome a sci-fi movie, even more if it is starring Bruce Willis in the lead role!

The movie Surrogates will hit theaters on September 25, 2009.

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