BSG Final Episodes Sneak Preview During Bond Marathon

BSG Season 4 Final Episodes

We will have a sneak peek at the final episodes of Battestar Galactica Season 4 during the Bond Marathon on the SciFi channel this Thanksgiging, on Thursday 27, 2008. Here the teaser announcing the sneak preview of battlestar Galactica Season 4 Part 2:

Final Episodes of Battlestar Galactica Sneak Peek

Nice kiss between Apollo and Starbuck (the girl, not the coffee chain)!


Here the promo clips aired during the Bond Marathon:

What happened to Earth?

Where do we go from here?

Who is the final cylon?

Who among us knows the truth?

The Final Episodes

And below the short BSG voice-over teasers:

Battlestar Galactica returns January 16th, 2009. Are you ready for the truth? Do you want to know who is the final cylon? Can you accept the final revelation?

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