Bumblebee – Transformers 5 The Last Knight

Director Michael Bay shared a first official picture of Bumblebee’s alt-mode in Transformers 5 aka Transformers the Last Knight:

(Click on the picture to enlarge.)

Bumblebee - Alt Mode - Transformers 5 The Last Knight

Michael Bay“Bee is back! @generalmotors really got it done with this custom-built 2016 Camaro. #transformers”

Director Michael Bay

Do you like Bumblebbe’s new style? The car looks meaner than it used to, nope? What do you think? Tell us in the comments below!

By the way, Actor Anthony Hopkins joined the cast of Transformers 5:

Transformers The Last Knight- Anthony Hopkins

Transformers 5 will hit theaters on June 23, 2017.

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  1. guy 2000

    I see flaws already in this movie. I am a big Transformer fan.

    1)Bumblebee looks BAD. I know you want to add new things to the movie but the original Bumblebee was perfect, Transformers 4 Bumblebee was whatever.
    2) I don’t know about the idea about a leading female actor. I don’t think it fits. The whole franchise was based on male leading actors. And looks great. Changing this is too big change and always does’it fit. Transformers is basically a war movie and better off with a tough guy leading actor.
    3) add humor. Transformer 4 was dry with a very lame human story and not funny. Transformers 1 was funny.
    4) VERY IMPORTANT. look at Transformers 1 and try to imitate it and much as possible. That was the only good movie. If you checked rotten tomatoes, critics didn’t a good score but it was far higher than the others and most important the FANS like it as well. 80% ish.
    5) we need a new director. sorry bay sucks. I gave hope with him after Transformers 3.
    6) if possible, make the plot like transformers 1. simple and great. Not complicating like the transformers 2 which was bad. (that the primes could’t beat the Fallen and made a tomb of their bodies and yet Optimus Prime alone killed him. Worst thing was that the spirits of the primes brought back Sam to life. you kidding me!) (Transformers 4 plot was bad. So megatron never died after his head was cut off and came back to life in a new body. really)

    I am very disappointed with the Transformers franchise. The first movie was awesome. The rest sucked, especially Transformers 4. I strongly believe we need a new director maybe the director from who created the Avengers or the Captain America the civil war. Sorry Michael Bay. And we need new writers, good ones.

    I writing many stories. I wrote my own Transformers story and I liked it.
    Transformers Fall of Earth.
    Plot: Plot: After 5 years of the battle in Transformers Revenge of the Fallen, Shockwave has created a weapon (called the Phoenix) that resurrect Decepticons creating a massive and powerful army. Now, they have arrived and on a mission to take over our planet and destroy humans and Autobots once and for all. Sam, Optimus and the Autobots face their greatest and deadliest battle ever against thousands of Decepticons, giant Decepticon airships, along with Shockwave, Megatron and the colossal and mighty Trypticon. They must stand together or face extinction. The final battle has begun.

    Also, Shockwave created a machine that will transform Earth into Cybertron. (similar machine from Superman Man of Steel)

    Looking forward to this movie. Please don’t mess up. Me and other fans are waiting for a good transformers movie like the transformers 1.

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